Taylor Hybrid Optimum Bronco Floor Stripper

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Taylor Hybrid Optimum Bronco Floor Stripper

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Quick Overview

The Hybrid Bronco is nearly twice as fast and powerful as competitive machines. Choose your method of operation...battery operated, 110V cord-powered, or battery plus cord power for virtually continuous operation.

Purchase of a Bronco from Tools4Flooring.com includes on site training at your facility or jobsite - A $1,500.00 value FREE of charge!

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The Next Generation of Floor Strippers is Here!

Choose your method of operation...

  • Battery operated
  • 110V Cord-Powered
  • Battery plus Cord Power

Don’t let exaggerated run-time claims from other battery-powered strippers fool you.

The issue isn’t how long the machine can run on a charge. The important question is: how much material can be removed in a given period of time? And, since the Hybrid Bronco is nearly twice as fast and powerful as competitive machines, you’ll be done with the job and headed for happy hour while the competition is still chugging along.

The new Hybrid Bronco can operate for 3 to 8 hours on a fully charged battery. Or you can run the Hybrid Bronco as a cord-powered machine on readily available 110V current. Running the Hybrid Bronco as a corded machine will increase run-time by up to 50%.

On-Board Charging System
With the new Hybrid Bronco, you don’t have to stop and remove heavy batteries, put them in a charger, then run the risk of incorrectly reconnecting them after recharging.

With competitive battery-operated strippers, you also run the risk of injuring your back when replacing the heavy batteries and if they’re accidentally dropped, there is a possibility of spilling hazardous battery acid. Plus, you have to keep track of your expensive spare batteries and charger on the jobsite to keep them from being stolen.

On the other hand, charging the Hybrid Bronco is a fast, simple and safe procedure with the unique on-board charging system. Just plug the supplied extension cord into any 110 volt 15-20 amp outlet and plug the other end into the male panel plug on the Hybrid Bronco. With the on-board charger, you can charge the battery anytime: during operation or after the battery has run down. Or you can easily charge the battery overnight. A completely depleted battery requires 6-12 hours to fully recharge.

The on-board charger is a "smart" charger. It brings all batteries up to full charge and conditions them automatically and there is no need to turn off the charger after charging.

The battery system will provide years of reliable service. The batteries are zero maintenance and do not have a memory so a partial charge will not reduce battery life.

A new battery monitor on the Bronco Hybrid can identify the actual voltage of each of the 16 batteries to identify exactly which battery may not be charging properly and need replacement.

When a single battery in a battery pack does not fully charge with the rest of the batteries, it will not only reduce run times but dramatically reduce the life of the entire battery pack.

A simple replacement of the deficient battery will keep the battery pack at optimum performance and extend the life of the battery pack by more than double.

Maximizing Operating Time
If you are running strictly on battery power and energy depletion begins to make it difficult to remove substrate, you can plug the machine in for an hour or so (without operation) and get additional run-time. A wise procedure is to plug the machine in while on break, changing blades or any other convenient downtime situations.

For continuous operation on a multi-shift removal job, start with a fully charged battery and also plug into a 110V outlet during operation.

On-site training at your jobsite or facility is required.

Includes Bronco Accessory Pack
(1) 260-90-06 Owners Manual
Engine Manual (propane model only)
(1) 260P-90-06 CO2 Detector (propane model only)
(1) 260-90-01 9/16" allen wrench
(1) 260-90-04 by-pass wrench
(1) 260-90-03 1 1/8" combination wrench
(1) 165-07-SD 3x7x.083 Self-Dice Blade
(1) 165-10-00 3x10x.083 Bronco Blade
(3) 166-07-00 4x7x1/8 Heavy Duty Tile Blade
(2) 166-10-00 4x10x1/8 Heavy Duty Tile Blade
(1) 167-04-00 4x4x1/8 Tool Steel Blade
(1) 168-01-00 Ceramic, 1" Straight Blade
(2) 265-12-SD 3x12x.083 Side Cutting Bronco Blade
(1) 266-06-SD 4x6x.083 Side Cutting Bronco Blade
(1) 266-12-00 4x12x.083 Bronco Blade
(1) 266-12-SD 4x12x.083 Side Cutting Blade

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