Rubi HIT-N Manual Cutter (33" - 48")

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HIT-N hand cutters are robust and precise ceramic cutters for the most demanding jobs in large-format ceramic tiles.


The HIT-N are ideal for PROFESSIONAL cutting of all types of ceramic tile (glazed tile, stoneware and porcelain stoneware). Equipped with a high-performance mobile separator, the HIT-N can apply a maximum power of 800 kg at the time of separating the material.

  • Revolutionary RUBI MAGNET system, which allows the locking and unlocking of the gripper to scratch and separate with one hand.
  • Greater working speed, and greater comfort when handling large format tiles.
  • Sliding set incorporates linear bearings that provide greater softness and comfort during scratching.
  • Featuring a double guide, solid and chromed rectified steel 20mm in diameter.
  • Greater resistance to bending, and improved visibility of the scratching/cutting area.
  • Aluminum base with closed structure provides structural RIGIDITY, facilitating greater cutting capacity.
  • Supplementary aluminum arms, increase the support surface when working with large-format tiles.
  • The lateral stop allowing exact measurements for repetitive straight cuts and the ability to cut at exactly 45 degrees.
  • Soft-grip maximizing ergonomics and comfort.
  • Cutting height of 1/8" to 5/8"
  • 22 mm EXTREME scoring wheel included
  • 4 Year Warranty
 HIT-850 NHIT-1000 NHIT-1200 N
Ref. 26963 26992 26961
Cutting Length 33-1/2" 39-3/8 47-1/4"
Diagonally Cuts 23-5/8" 27-1/2" 33-1/2"
Weight 25 lbs 28 lbs 32 lbs

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