Gundlach No. 477 Easy Stretch

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Simply use with the head assembly of any junior stretcher to stretch against the tack strip without tubing or a tail block. Makes carpet stretching faster and easier!

Stretcher head assembly sold separately.


The Easy Stretch makes carpet stretching faster and easier without tubing. This sturdy tubular frame 13-1/2" wide x 38" long and weighs 17 lbs. It has a steel plate in front that fits in the gap between the tackless strip and the wall, and a rubber pad in the rear to receive the tube end of a stretcher head. The head assembly of any junior power stretcher is used to stretch against the strip without the need for tubing or a tail block.

To use, insert the stretcher head inside the frame, position against the wall and then stretch. The stretcher will lock in the down position, holding the carpet tightly, freeing the installer to fasten the carpet to the strip. Then hold the carpet by hand or with a spreader, release the stretcher pressure, and move down the wall for the next stretch. The tackless strip along the wall being stretched should be reinforced.

Stretcher head assembly sold separately.

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