Montolit Atlas Adjustable Tile Support System

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With Atlas, the correct positioning of the tile on the cutting board is guaranteed, even when dealing with overhang placements or off-center diagonal cuts. This innovation ensures top-tier cutting quality without forcing the operator into awkward or impractical positions!


In mythology, Atlas bore the weight of the world upon his shoulders, and now, ‘Atlas‘ by Montolit is here to support your work.

  • Adjustable height, to work with the most popular tile cutters available
  • Fine-tuned compression allows unwavering support for large or thick tiles, or softened for delicate ceramic/thin tiles
  • Correct positioning guaranteed, even when dealing with overhang or off-center diagonal cuts
  • Crafted from Fully recyclable ABS, remarkably resistance to impact and extreme weather conditions
  • Two spring-loaded supports per purchase

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