Rubi Slab Cutter G3 Manual Large Format Cutting System

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The Slab Cutter G3 is a manual cutting system for large-format porcelain tiles up to 320cm (10.5 ft) with thicknesses between 3 (1/8") and 10 mm (3/8").


The Rubi Slab Cutter G3 for the manual cutting of large-format porcelain sheets includes three aluminum guides with 2 suction cups each (6 total) for a maximum cutting length of 10.5 ft (can be increased with the purchase of extra guides), 22mm scoring wheel carriage, pliers able to cut tiles up to 10mm (3/8") thick, allen key and carrying bag.

  • Cutting capacity of 320 cm (10.5ft) expandable as needed by adding extra guides (Ref.16908)
  • Recommended thicknesses between 3mm (1/8") and 10mm (3/8"). Up to 15mm using Slab Breaker Plus ref.18917 (not included in Slab Cutter)
  • 6 suction cups integrated in the guides, suitable for smooth and rough surfaces to obtain a better fixation of the guides to the tile. Do not leave marks on the tile
  • 2-in-1 pliers and separator
  • The scoring carriage is very light as is made of aluminium and exerts a greater scoring power. Its movement through the guides is very smooth and precise due to its three horizontal bearings
  • The ergonomic "soft-grip" handle provides comfort for the user
  • The Slab Cutter carriage is equipped with a 22 mm EXTREME scoring wheel suitable for working on tiles with both rough and smooth/polished surface
  • Whole set weights 24lbs.

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