Dependable White Skimcoat, 50 lb. Pail

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Quick setting, high strength, fast to cover patch and underlayment used by professional floor installers & other quality tradesmen for over 68 years. Compatible with almost any substrate. Just add liquid, apply & dry.


Dependable White Skimcoat is still the best quick setting, high strength, fast to cover patch and underlayment used for over 68 years. Skimcoat is an ideal material to cover and level defects in concrete, wood, metal, vinyl, ceramic tile and other subfloors. Always consistent, Skimcoat is smooth spreading, quick setting and fast drying. Skimcoat offers extra high compressive strength and adhesion. Professional floor installers, carpenters, painters, and other quality tradesmen prefer and depend on Dependable White Skimcoat.

Dependable White Latex Liquid is highly recommended as an admixture in most applications, particularly when mildew resistance, water resistance and/or increased adhesion are desired. The biocide added to latex liquid protects Skimcoat from mold and mildew. Adhesives and vinyl floors should contain their own mold/mildew protection.

  • Cover virtually any surface (even walls)
  • Mildewcide protected
  • Rapid drying
  • High strength
  • Non alkaline—adhesive friendly
  • Dimensionally stable—no shrinkage
  • Grit Free
  • 50 lb. pail plastic with handle

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