Powernail Power Palm Pneumatic Cleat Nailer

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Powernail's PowerPalm compact nailer uses both 16 and 18-gauge floor cleats to nail down starter/end rows as well as boards in those tough-to-reach places.


The Power Palm is the industry's best solution to blind nailing close to the wall. Saves both, time and money!

Pressure activated...simply press down, and let the tool do the work. The Power Palm will allow blind nailing closer to the wall and reduce the amount of face nailing. The handy tool features a 360 degree swivel tip for fitting awkward or tight spaces. The magnetic cleat holder keeps nail in position. Uses both 16 gage and 18 gage Powercleats - Use the same fastener throughout your install!

  • Blind nail, top nail, tight spots and corners - the Power Palm does it all!
  • Uses 16 or 18 gage PowerCleats
  • Great for starter rows
  • Use for final rows
  • Use on doorway and flooring transitions

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