Traxx CSR-C161248-10 1/2" x 12" x 48" Carpet Shims (10 Pack)

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This 48" wide composite board ramp transitions from 1/2" to 0" over a 12" run, providing a more gentle, smooth transition from any hard surface to carpet. Typically installed in openings that are 48" or wider and/or where ADA is a concern.

Sold per box of 10 shims.


The 12” x 48” wide Carpet Shims composite board ramps are available in thicknesses of 1/4”, 3/8”, and 1/2”. These ramps are typically installed in openings that are 48” or wider and/or where ADA is a concern. Because of the 12” angle, they provide a more gentle, smooth transition from the carpet to the hard surface.

Installing Carpet Shims:
Determine the width of the opening. On the rough side of the Carpet Shim, using a carpet knife, score the shim three or four times at the needed length and snap it. Place the shim in the opening with the smooth side up and the high side toward the hard surface, leaving a *1/4" gap between the shim and the hard surface. Centered and evenly spaced, nail at least 5 ring shank nails per 32” of Carpet Shim. Place a Universal Side Shim at each side of the Carpet Shim and nail all four corners securely to the floor. Install the tack strip on top of the Carpet Shim maintaining the *1/4" gap. Install your pad and carpet, tucking the carpet into the 1/4" gap. It is that simple!

*Regarding the 1/4" gap, when extremely thick or thin carpet is being installed, adjust the gap accordingly. Also refer to hard surface manufacturer's recommendations.

Carpet Shims’ products may be attached to the floor using a good adhesive.

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