Oil-Flo 141 Safety Solvent Cleaner, Pint Bottle

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Oil Flo 141 is the perfect solution for scraping up that gummy, mastic floor adhesive! This amazing cleaner dissolves adhesives, cured urethanes and other hard-to-clean residues.

1-Pint (16 oz.) Bottle.


This amazing, water-soluble solvent cleaner will quickly dissolve hard-to-clean organic stains and substances. Oil Flo 141 is the best solution for removing all types of adhesives including mastics, multpurpose, latex and even cured urethane! This biodegradable cleaner is a low odor, colorless, non-foaming, neutral pH product with no chlorinated solvents or CFC's. It is recommended for many indoor applications including flooring, adhesive removal, carpet cleaning and much more.

Oil-Flo 141 does a spectacular job of removing hot melt adhesive and residue (even hot melt used to bond tackstrip and metal) from wood, carpet and other finished surfaces. Available in pint, gallon, 5 gallon, & 55 gallon containers.

Coverage: 100 to 400 square feet per gallon, approximately, depending on conditions.

Oil-Flo 141 dissolves:

  • cured urethane adhesive
  • mastic adhesive
  • asphalt
  • coal tar
  • cosmetics
  • cutback
  • graffiti
  • grease
  • chewing gum
  • latex
  • oils
  • resins
  • sealcoat
  • tape residue
  • waterproofing
  • window caulk
  • inks
  • permanent marker
  • tar

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