Raimondi Easy Wash Bucket

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This wash bucket is equipped with a removable plastic bag for easy removal and disposal of grout residue and dirty water, eliminating time when washing the bucket. Includes sponge, handle and a roll of 5 bags.


New Eco-Friendly wash bucket technology, aka the "EASY". Thanks to the removable plastic bag (can be used with or without bag), it is now easy to remove grout residual as well as dirty water. This system is also very useful when working on upper levels and residential areas. Now it is not necessary to clean the wash bucket, especially with epoxy grout residue.

  • New Wash Bucket with bag for the collection of grout residual.
  • Eliminates the time to clean the wash bucket.
  • For cleaning grout from walls and floor.
  • Bucket is made of impact resistant plastic for longer life.
  • Three rollers tilted 15 degree on wear resistant sockets.
  • The high capacity tank (2,7 gal) reduce the need for frequent water change.

Includes 5 drip-proof bags, Yellow Sponge trowel (11"x 5"x 1-1/4") with Handle, Grate, Handle for transportation and wheels. A roll of 20 heavy drip proof bags for replacement are also available.

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