Tavy Thin-Skin Tile Underlayment, 100 Sq. Ft. Roll

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The TAVY Thin-Skin Two Part Underlayment System allows you to set tile over any surface without adding additional height to the sub-floor. This simple system can be easily installed by both professionals and DIYers.

Sold per 100 sq. ft. Roll (30" wide x 40' long).


The TAVY Thin-Skin Two-Part Underlayment System allows you to set ceramic tile or natural stone products over any surface in wet or dry areas without adding additional height to the sub-floor. This simple system is incredibly easy to install, making it a great choice for both professionals and DIYers. Simply trim the TAVY Thin-Skin Underlayment to size and glue to the existing area using #007 Glue to create a surface that is ready for tile!

Designed as a two-part system, one roll of TAVY Thin-Skin Underlayment and one gallon of #007 Glue will cover 100 square feet.

  • Ideal for floors, walls & countertops
  • Lightweight and easier to handle than backerboards
  • No additional height added to existing surface
  • Eliminate unnecessary tear-outs
  • No dusty mess to clean up
  • Crack suppression up to 1/8" over concrete
  • 25% - 50% lower cost than other underlayments
  • No more nails, screws or other fasteners
  • Tested by the Tile Council of America (TCA)
  • 15 year warranty for this two-part system
  • Use 1 gallon of #007 Glue for every 100 sq. ft. roll of Thin-Skin

Simply folow the instructions and any sound surface is ready for tile or stone.

1. Clean the existing surface of dust, dirt, wax and debris.

2. Spread TAVY Thin-Skin #007 Glue as instructed, using a minimum 1/8" x 1/8" V-notched trowel

3. Cut TAVY Thin-Skin Underlayment to cover arae and set in freshly spread glue.

4. Apply skim coat of thinset mortar over TAVY Thin-Skin Tile Underlayment as instructed. Allow skim coat to dry.

5. Set tile or stone.

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